RSC and Environment


STS is commited to develop and provide competitive and innovative solutions to the Renewable Energies Sector as a way to contribute to ur Planet Sustainability.

STS aims fully attend and satisfy the project requirements in which it participates attending to:

- Commitment with our clients to offer quality products and services, according to its requirements.
- Search for supply chain technical solutions that improve the competitivity of the industry in which STS operates.
- Lead technologically the design, assembly and material delivery activities in which it participates.
- Accomplish the projects with maximum respect for the Environment.
- Ensure its employees and collaborators enjoy an adequate work environment and promote their participation and identity with their Company.

rsc02STS seeks leadership and excellence in its relations with customers, employees and shareholders by improving technology, searching for new project management models, and applying the highest quality and environmental standards in the projects it participates.

STS applies rigurous environmental standards in the projects it undertakes.

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